So it has begun..

February 28, 2011 at 9:39 pm (GenCon, Monster Hunter Tri)

I get a little head start this year, my goal is really two costumes! The two seem easy enough.

I already have started to sketching process of the two armors. So once I get them complete I will post them up on here.

You can’t have armor without weapons. This is one of the big reasons I want to do Monster hunter game is for the huge weapons. I will be having a Switch axe. That i will get to two form to form as well. I already have this sketched out how to do this. As for the other costume it will be accompany by a huge hammer.

Both of these require having LED lights that i am thrilled to be having in there. I will have to have 2 different battery sources in mine because they are moving pieces, but that’s not scary.  Mine will set probably 2-3 feet taller than me which will be awesome. I also might try to figure out how to latch it to my back.

As for Extras what i want to do it time lets me.

  • ChaCha  clinging onto a tie sack(backpack)
  • Lagiacrus head

But those are AFTER the weapons and armor are made. So I have other choices to make as well. Do i use LED in the armor or glow in the dark paint. This will be fun to make and i can’t get it off my mind!


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Big Sister Revisited (Leg Braces)

August 19, 2010 at 8:44 pm (BioShock, GenCon)

I had someone ask about how i made the leg braces. So I thought i would toss this together so you all can see how these are put together. Just click them so you can read what they say .-. im too lazy to retype it all.

Plates on the leg braces

Knee brace pattern

reinforcing the material

The "bolts"

Attaching it together

attaching it together

Extra notes

If there is anything else you want me to go over with the costume i can. Hopefully after im done with video editing i can get to my plushie ;.;

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Rest and Relaxation

August 16, 2010 at 9:09 pm (Crafts, Plushies)

My computer finally decided to kick the bucket on me. Well Windows pushes it to the brick with another update and the update corrupted the hard drive. So I have a friend who is going to see what he can recover on it. Lucky i have everyone on my external this time around. My mom lent me money to buy this new desktop ^.^ which is very shiney and I’m happy with it. So enough about the death of the computer ONWARD TO STUFF I DO!

I thought i would show you the trophies i won at GenCon. I won the Hallway award after i had won the contest, which was a bit funny. Next year im still taking suggestions what i should try to do for a Costume. My brother and one of his friends want me to make their kids costumes for GenCon, so if i start early i might do it.

I am currently working on A Model Case for my Fiance, found out alot about making it. DON”T use cardboard… Also Thick Vinyl isn’t fun working with either. I just need to re do the zipper and it will be done.

The other thing im working on is a Link Plushie, after being very sad that GenCon doesn’t sell Link Plushies, i have decided to make my own. Using a head pattern by BabyLondonStar and making my own custom body. If i enjoy making it and 3 other plushies i might try commissions with them. Not sure yet though.

Also i would swing by Dustin’s Blog one of my friends who does 3d stuff that’s awesome ^.^ soon he will train me in the arts of 3d! *Shot*

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So then GenCon happened

August 10, 2010 at 12:29 am (BioShock, GenCon)

Yeah the blog died for a bit because it took too long to post up updates as I went. But GenCon is over and good news. I won firs place in Games/Media and I also won “BEST IN SHOW”. I won it all!! The trophies were awesome looking too. I was very worried about the Big Daddy that someone had built. There was also another big sister running about but she didn’t enter. So i am pumped and this time i won’t do 300 hours in 2 weeks… waking up at 8am and sleeping at like 12am isn’t really a good strategy. But i finally got a good nights sleep. So onwards to where i left off! The helm!


This was the last thing i had posted so just a little relapse here so you know where i am if you are just tuning in on DRAGON BALL Z!

I originally had a hose around the neck.. but it REALLY bugged me because its not how it looked so, i complied form core to make it look like how it should. This was a small sample of what it was going to look like.

After making the rings i had to glue them together with rubber cement and some hot glue. I was trying to avoid hot glue … because i burnt myself ALOT making the belts. But i liked this alot better than the hoses.

Next is drawing the pattern for the trim around the chest piece. I just put tissue paper on it and drew it on there and then cut it onto foam core.

So after cutting it out and putting on the hot glue i got it all on there. Also put more rope on there so it has the ‘panels’ on it as well. I also went and bought G-Mod so i could download a 3d model of th big sister.

Finally you can start to see what it looks like now. It has all one solid color now. this is the start of how my helm is going to look like. I used 2 cans of white base for this.

This is with the paint that was on there. It was an expensive paint to make it look like it was metal. It was about 16.99 a can and all together i used i think 3 or 4 of these cans. Which the paint was the most expensive part of this, so next year im using cheap ass paint! Well enough of the helm im going to go back to the shoulders because i based ad painting everything at the same time.


I made another paper mache balloon because i needed shoulders and it looked to be the right shape. So i cut the top off for one and the rest of it for the other shoulder. So i just added foam craft oto it and circled it with rope to give the illusion of slapped on panels.

this is my other shoulder, its going to be in 3 layers. So the base is the rest of the balloon cut to fit. Then i have 2 foam craft parts to go on it. I glue this all together with hot glue and add more rope to it.

I added another left over piece from the balloon onto the top and covered it with the last piece of foam craft i  cut out so it would raise high enough. then i covered it all with rope so it would all look the same.

I preview of the shoulders with the helm.. though my brother put the left side on upside down, the pink side is the front .-. but still a good example of what this is looking like.

This is one of the shoulders. The ‘bolts’ are just foam wrapped around. This is the first base coat on it. So o oddd colors on it like before. Hm… how to be mean.. I know time for Leg braces!!

Leg Braces

This is bob… my dad gave him to me, because i wanted a plastic that was curved, so he said use this bucket. And i named him bob…. did he help win? yes.. yes he did. So i measured and drew up the pieces for my leg braces to cut them out.

This part is made of wood for the circle and then aluminum pieces for the connecting pieces.

This is the leg pieces as well as the round shoulder piece getting based. Just had to make sure the writing on the bucket(Bob) didn’t show through.

All i did for this was cut out pieces of vinyl that matched the sizes i wanted. I also made some for my shins that were taller. I had to hand sew all of the hems on this just because of the rubbery outside of it all. Then all of the dam belts i made with Vinyl by folding it and hot glueing it together. There are a total of 33 belts, i had miss counted before.

Just alot of blets that i had made for this all to work out. Also have some on the boots as well. .-.

This is the first test of it all. I made knee braces that were based off of real ones. It was really simple as well all held with velcro. I also found out belts will not hold stuff together too well, so all of my stuff has velcro on the back of it to hold it together while the belts tighten it all. At this point we had 2 ideas to attach the rest onto here. One was a belt at the bottom and had he top slide into a slit and vecro the circle on. I told my dad no I’m just bolting it all on like real braces. He shook his head and told me i woudln’t be able to walk. I proved him wrong!

So going to a Jo-Anns and asking how to reinforce this was quite funny. But they just said use fabric-tac and some extra vinyl, so that what i did. Also you can see the velcro that i have on the back of this as well. All this is going to do is keep the bolts from ripping out my material.

I got these boots at salvation army(also got a batman cap that extends which is awesome) for $2. I painted the bottom of these the copper color i needed it. I also a boot cover over it all so it would match the rest of my costume.

So no pictures of the boot cover i guess i lost it #.#. But this is what they look like without the extra pieces on them. The bolts i used are screws with post(or sex screws) so they can move ad have flat ends. We had to make sure the bolts did fall off.. like they did thursday the  first test. Also the other pieces fell off because we had them hot glued on. So we bolted those on.

At some point this tank magically got put together. It is insulation wrapped up with a foil tape. It is to keep it light. Also remeber the insulation foam WILL MELT with some types of paints, btu will give you a cool eroded look if that what you are looking for.

I had to tape off all of the metal pieces. I also had to do ALOT of taping off for the cage because it was all put together and then painted. I wish they had metalic paints.. but they don’t…

This is the first test to make sure it looks old and nasty. Its just black paint dry brushed with some water to give it this look. I did this with EVERYthING.!!

Pvc pip is for the base ad it has a nothing end for my bottle of adam. And the copper part is just insulation foam carved.

This is the gun when it has been painted, just have to add the valves ad paint those and this part will need to be attached.

these are the leg brace pieces all painted and ready to be put on. I just painted it to look all dented and old. It was the goal of this, though it looked so shiney knew.

At this point this is what my helm looked like. All new looking and it has lights. The blue thingy is really just a light bulb jammed in there. XD didn’t know wha else to do with it. Painting this was one of the last things i did.

this is the little sister i got in all of this. I made her dress its not exact, but its a bitch to make doll stuff at 11pm when sleep sounds sooo good.

Tank fully painted with the little sister in there. I still need the top valve on the tank and need to paint her up. I just end up usedin markers on her to make her green some.

this is what everything was ‘done’ the first time. I made my other glove saturday morning so no pics. Also stuff fell off so i had to fix it for friday night for the IUPUI costume contest. Which i won as well ;_; i won the best thing every a Hyrulian shield ;_; *squee*

Helm CHECK!! Not to thrilled with how hot this thing gets and i dont’ have a fan in there ;(

First time the costume was put together and it was at GenCon after my workshop i taught. The costume weights abotu 35 lbs in the end. Alot of the weight is shifted to my chin >.<

This is it full finished!! This was after i had won the contest!! It was so happy i walked around in it for a while and got alot of pieces done #_# but it got hot in there.

Things abotu this costume!

  • You have to learn to walk differently with the leg braces so they dont’ hit each other
  • Pvc pipe on the arms are VERY heavy and you need to make sure the belts arn’t to night to hold it on
  • all the weight of the tank is on yoru chin have padding there
  • make sure you pad out the helm so its comfy
  • try to add fans (i didn’t and regreted it)
  • the red screen will fog up
  • the tank is screwed on so I needed help to get it off and on

If you have ANY questions about this post here and i will get to it. I hope you enjoy this all i already trying to come up with an idea for this! 300 hours in 2 eeks…   need sleep now pls…

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More Updates!

July 27, 2010 at 2:13 pm (BioShock, GenCon)

It’s time for another chunk of updates. I have 8 days(-1 for a wedding) at this point. I still have a bit I still need to do of course!

  • Tank & Cage
  • Gloves & Weapons
  • Shoulder Pads
  • Leg Braces
  • Shoes
  • Helm (70%)

Yeah….. still really nothing done. I bought white pants and shirt to go with it. So there is one less thing I have to worry about. So let’s go see some updates! Oh also i thought i would show you a picture of my sewing helper who has been doing alot of the sewing for me. Thank you Kitana!!

Corset Finishes

All I needed to do was hem it. After looking at it now, I might still have to alter it some, but that will be ONLY IF I have time at the end. It still needs all of the 4 belts on it. Just I’m doing all the belts when I start on the leg braces so they all look the same.

This is how it looks now. I just need to add the lovely 4 belts on the front of this.


this was anothr pratice to see if my updates to the pattern worked

The shorts officially have been the hardest part so far for this dam project. It is a pain trying to align everything with the material i have. Also i have do alot of hand sewing for all of the hems, because the sewing machine has problems doing it on this stuff.

These are the patterns i made, sadly i can’t cut straight either. That lead to more problems at the end of these shorts. The pattern i just made up because one normal shorts arn’t in 9 pieces. also i didn’t want to spend the money on a pattern just to edit it a bunch.

After a long time struggling with these suckers, they are done. There are a couple of fix ups at the end if i have time. Other than that, im not touching these. These are the only piece of th3 costume that is COMPLETED that i made! So i still have alot of other things to be working on.

Helm Progress

Now to the magical helm that really makes this whole costume. Last time we left off with the first coat of Fiberglass.

We have to add more Fiber glass so we can flatten some the chest piece. Also so we can fix some of the bubbles we had. Other than that nothing exciting in this picture.

This is the first whole we cut into it. I don’t think my dad trust me with his power tools, so he cut the wholes into it. But this whole is rather small so that how much i get to see this year! The good thing is i get my glasses… though everything will have a red tint to it in the end.

This has the hose hat my brother and my dad looks fine, but in the end we change it. I think it looks too big also its not HOSES!!! *rage* Cow bought me G-Mod so i could get the 3d model of the big sister so i could see the back of her helm. (<3 Cow) So these are the drawings of the places where i think stuff will go. Though it all changes with the Conduit on it. Also when the lens frame on it. Also in the top is pcp pipe for the light up there.

I forgot to take a picture of the conduit on and then the rope on. All i know… i still forget that hot glue burns… ;.; my fingers still hurt from pins from sewing and now the burning. But to fake the panels on there Im using rope on it. Then there are ‘vents’ that lead to the light on it. All of that is foam it looks better on the side. The goal is how well can i paint this to give all the illusions that i want to take place. My Midna helm i just drew everything on it and then shaded it, that seemed to work for it.

this is offically how my helm looks right now during this post. there is still alot that needs to be done. I need a border around the chest piece, more rope on it. Also the rim around the neck needs to be glue together still. so i still have alot of stuff to do with this. Ill keep you all up to date with this till the end when it’s all done. I don’t know if i will post a finish product.. i might just make you have to goto GenCon to see it. But after GenCon I will post pictures up of the finished product. i hope you enjoy reading the blog. Any questions so far just post down below.

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Updates for Big Sister

July 23, 2010 at 3:17 pm (BioShock, GenCon)

Alrighty, I have been quite busy the last few days trying to get a decent start. I also didn’t post some old pictures of the start of the helmet i have been working on, so you will get to see all of that now. I have finished the main part of my corset just needs the belts on it to finish it up, but I need to finish the shorts before I get to start on the belts. Onward to the pictures!

Here is a picture of a giant red bouncy ball, my practice paper mache ball with the wholes. Which we found out with it… well the big red ball is just to big. So the pink balloon is the right size for my head at 12 1/2 inches. The battle plan at this point paper mache it and then fiberglass it.

This is a VERY simple thing to do. All you need is glue, water and news paper. Just make sure you have enough glue and water in your mixture. The more layers of news paper you have on it, the stronger it will be. I put two layers on it, but I tend to put as much as i can on it till the news paper starts messing up, so I don’t need alot of layers.

Sadly these two pictures i don’t have the pictures. My dad looked at the old paper mache ball i had with the holes in it and told me we should make the chest piece out of it. So after a while of my dad and my brother tapping it to me while i worked on the corset we ended up with something like this. Most people do not to this part right. they just make the helm separate. IT iS NOT! This is based off an old diving helm, and this is how they look. Yes hers is a little different how it sits, but you get the point, im one for details.

My dad said he would teach me how to fiberglass for this. Which you find out you should wear gloves UNLESS you have the right stuff to get it off of your hands. Thankfully my dad does so no gloves for me! This is how it looked after we attacked it with fiber glass. With as hot as it was out it only 45 minutes to cure, which is awesome! This is currently all i have done with the helm as of right now. We are going to are going to be sanding it and then adding matting to it so it’s thicker so i can sand down th plates so be flat like how they are in the picture. Also we need to cut the whole a little bigger inside so i can get in there with my glasses.


The Corset

This is the first corset i did for Practice. My friend Katt said if i hadn’t made one, well better practice first.  This pattern is the one i used. I used view B for it.  THere is only one piece you have to change and that is 18 you want to make it a bit wider and on a fold.

This is the Vinyl i picked out for my shorts and Corset. I thought it looked like what she had.  So it is what im going to go with.

For patterns I learn do NOT cut them out. Just buy some tissue paper at your local dollar tree. You can trace everything and also make your changes on it.  I had to make it all taller so i didn’t have to deal with a 1/4 hems on the top and bottom. So that is my tip for you. also it easy to sew on TILL you hem on it. The rubbery texture it has will get caught in your sewing machine. To help aid it try baby powder. I ended up just hand sewing the hem at the bottom because it would be just to hard to try to force the machine to do it.

This is the last picture i have taken of it. All that i have  now is the hem on the top and bottom. But this is done but the belts on it. Which i found out belt buckles are about $3 and i need 17… so thats about $50+ on belt buckles… So.. then i remembered Im small i need smaller belts… and there is a local dollartree.

So… I bought 25 dog collars. Which the casher thought i was starting my own dog walking business. I needed tighteners as well, and dog collars have those on a certain type. But I have everything for all the belts now!

This is my collection of my belt buckles. 8 On the legs, 4 on the chest, 2 on the tank, 3 on the glove, and the 8 tighteners on the legs as well. That is all i need for this costume and i only spent $26 for it, not bad. Though I will be hiding the little doggy prints that they have on them.

Well this is all the updates i have for now. Today is making shorts as well as fiberglass some more. Also this weekend till determine if im going to be able to make the big daddy costume or not. So Wish me luck! And heres all the pictures in a little gallery

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Update: Shorts

July 20, 2010 at 7:00 pm (BioShock, GenCon)

Proto-type shorts are a success! I have successfully made shorts that look like hers. The main problem is shorts are about 4 pieces of material if they are lazy about it, while these are 9 pieces. I made sure to have all of the seams how hers is. Also have a place for the zipper. I’m going to do one more test before going to the corset. I need to make sure this is going to be correct.

Front of Shorts

These are a couple of pictures. You really can’t tell the seams but they are there. Such as the concept art I did you can see where all the seams are in it. The hardest part was I did the pattern by looking at picture of Boy short Bakinis, too poor to buy a pattern.


The helmet has it’s second layer of paper mache on it. So it is almost ready for the fiber glass my dad is going to teach me how to do. Seems simple almost like paper mache but with more deadly chemicals and fumes.

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Let the Race Begin

July 19, 2010 at 2:57 pm (BioShock, GenCon)

Ello all this is going to be my first official post to the start of the mayhem of trying to build two bioshock costumes in less than a month for GenCon. My goal is to get most of the Big Sister costume done this week. And then the following week to get working on the Big Daddy costume. My fiance, Cow will also be helping out on his costume. I have about 3 weeks to do these costumes! Woot waiting till the last minute. I did my Midna costume like two days before GenCon last year. Then I also have to plan what the hell I am teaching at the WorkShop I am doing for Scratch!

Game Models

These are the characters from BioShock I’m hoping to create if you don’t know what I am talking about. I have ALOT to do also then there is a money issue with all of this as well. So I hope I can get alot of the supplies really cheap. Then we have a bunch of random stuff in our Basement and Attic and I have found some thing I will be able to use as well which is good. So lets get this all started!


For the Big Daddy a blog by Volpin has all the steps he has done for his Big Daddy Costume, so I am going by that. I found some awesome concept art for the Big Sister that I am using as a start. I have also ran through for what other people have done.   Sadly there is no big walk through of steps  for the big sister. I have found one but they guy had 7 other people helping and alot of $$$ backing him, which I frankly don’t have. So I’m going to have to come up with this on my own and a little bit of help from my family. Now this is what I have come up with some of the stuff I need to do for my Costume.

Layout List

  • Helmet
    • lights
    • cake pan
    • conduit
    • craft form
    • 8 bolts
    • 2 small pcp pipe
    • 1 medium size pcp pipe
    • 1 large pcp pipe
    • two sheets of see through paper
    • Drawings
      • chalk and hair spray
    • see through glass orb
  • Cage
    • ribbons
    • material to make it
  • Tank
    • attaching cage
    • make sure it doesn’t move
    • two valves 1 large 1 small
    • 2 small thin belts
    • 10 small bolts for top row
    • 10 for bottom row
  • Leg Braces
    • 4 large bolts
    • 16 belts
      • 8 need belt buckles
      • 8 need tighteners
    • need brace tight brown material
    • 8 long ‘metal’ pieces
    • plastic
    • craft foam
    • Corset
      • custom pattern
      • 4 belts needed
      • metal back brace
    • Shorts
      • custom pattern
      • zipper
      • elastic
    • shoulder pads
      • 8 large bolts
      • craft foam
      • milk jugs
    • Chest Plate
      • 9 large bolts
      • craft foam
      • ‘plastic’ backing
    • weapon
      • 2 valves
      • long pcp pipe
    • gloves
      • 3 belts
    • shoes
      • 6 belts

    That is my very very ugly table of just a small list, which i already know there are some extra stuff i need, but i won’t bother  with it right now. Now some concept drawings i have done to try to figure out this costume.

    Those are all of the concepts i have. I have a corset patter i need to customize to fit the one i have. I also do have all of the ‘leather’ material for this. I have to make my own pattern for the shorts though. Also I have 2 fail size balls for the helmet but I have found a balloon that will work for it!

    Well this is all I have for now. I will later on add pictures of progress!! Wish me Luck I need it!

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